Our success and service excellence lies in our diversity, which contributes immensely to the service of the Nation. Serving the Nation in Educational, Cultural and Health sector in Pakistan, we always considered the basic necessities to be fulfilled on the ground. Social values are always on priority with high service performance levels.

We have been constantly examining the weak pockets of the nation to find new segments and service areas to become involved in, and try to be pro-active by going after new ideas which are emerging in Pakistan on humanitarian grounds. We are identifying principles in this area of activity and are hoping to bring service quality in Educational, Cultural, and Health segments. We are always looking for parallel NGOs, NPOs who have been quite successful in our endeavour to identify and establish partnerships around the world to serve humanity.

An important management tool for the Group has been its use of strategic planning. Today, we have a vision for 2025 which enables us to identify and evaluate new possibilities. Food, Health, Education, being one of our major fortes, we are looking at International platforms for support and partnership in serving the different areas of human need to meet our goals. There are different ideas we are working to see how we can develop these into our mainstream activities.

We have recently established a joint venture with some major NGOs. Our Group will now serve the humanity with getting involved in service activity, which is where we feel we can add significant value while applying our specific expertise.

All these ideas are aimed at maintaining our diversity and increasing our potential to serve the Nation and Humanity.