Drugs Addiction Awareness

90 %
Raised: 45,154 / 50,000
Campaign Duration: 1429 Days

According to the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, Pakistan has 6.7 million drug users. More than 4 million of these are addicts, amongst the highest number for any country in the world. Abuse of cannabis and heroin is rife in the country and the drugs are extremely cheap and easy to get.

Children need to be told at home and in school about drugs. People need to be aware of the effects so that they can avoid this addiction. We must spread awareness.

If we attain funds we could get families and counselors to talk to children and people at risk. Parents need to look at their children and help them to become responsible. Worthwhile jobs and housing are also needed to give people a role in society.

In conclusion, although the problem of drugs may seem impossible to eliminate, there are concrete steps that can be taken to weaken the hold of drugs on society.The danger from drugs is too great to ignore for us and our children.