Child Labor

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Raised: $78,000 / $1,500,000
Campaign Duration: 1034 Days

Pakistan ranks number three in the world with the highest prevalence of child and forced labour despite a significant decline in the number of child laborers recorded worldwide

Raising awareness and educating people on why child labor needs to be stopped is one of the best ways to end this practice. People need to know that it’s happening, where, how and why.

There are more than 200 million children worldwide who are still doing hazardous work – work that are not meant to be done by their small hands. Companies utilize child labor because they’re cheap and it raises their profit margins.Child labor is when a child under the legal age (fifteen) are made to do work that is physically and mentally harmful and which interrupts their education or social development.

1 Child labor is a serious problem in many countries. They are everywhere but invisible, toiling as domestic servants in homes, laboring behind the walls of workshops, hidden from view in plantations.

There are many reasons why a child is working as a laborer. Most work because of poverty, lack of education and also to support themselves and their families. 1 in 7 children worldwide are working as a child laborer. In Africa, it is 1 in 3 children. 166 million of the children are under the age of 14. 74 million are risking their lives because they are working in a dangerous environment such as mining and construction – there are no safety standards, no one has protective equipment, they are all working with bare hands and feet and only earning less than US $1.00 a day.